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UnMetal is a 2D stealth action-adventure that pays homage to the classics with a healthy dose of humor and satire. You play as Jesse Fox, who is definitely NOT an elite commando, under arrest for a crime he didn't commit. Jesse must now escape using his dry wits, quick words, improvised skills, arsenal of warfare, violent explosives, MacGuyvered gadgets, and an elaborate explanation of how it all went down. If that all fails, he'll use his fists.

The game was initially released in April 2021 as a limited physical release for the PS Vita. An updated digital version was released in September 2021 for PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. A physical re-release which also included a Collector's Edition was released on 30th June 2023 for PS4 and Switch.

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Some of the information for the UnMetal pages of this wiki have been taken and remixed from the Metal Gear Speedrunners Wiki, which permits its reuse through its license. The original contributor for much of the information on both wikis however, is the same person.